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Welcome to Government Dr. Baba Saheb Bheemrao Ambedkar College, Dongargaon


Computer Facilities



In addition to the Computer Lab of the college which caters to specialized computational needs of the academic community, the department has its own computing facilities for faculty Staff and students of the department. These include:

  • A Windows lab having 30 high end desktops with remote access facility;

  • Two clusters installed in centralized Data Centre; one with 4 nodes and the other with 18 nodes;

  • Separate UPS' for network racks and switches;

Computer Labs:

  • One Windows Lab is well equipped with 30 desktop computers.

  • each Student facilitated with personal Computer and personal cpomuter.

All the PCs have advanced configurations (Core i3,i5 and Core 2 Quad processor) and all advanced and latest software.

Infrastructure for Seminars

  • Three seminar rooms equipped with Wi-Fi projectors and screen;

  • Polycom/Skype video conferencing setup with projectors and  screens. Printing Facility